Saturday, 30 July 2011

32 weeks


My boys are just over 32 weeks now and doing g-r-e-a-t! I cant believe how they just keep plugging it's no big deal.....they are such strong little guys that blow me away! When I got to the NICU today, my boys were wearing onesie's! Its just a small milestone in the NICU but it means they are maintaining their own body temperature thus graduated to wearing clothes and they have since decreased the temperature in their incubators in order to prepare them for the environment outside the isolette.....we are 24 hours away from an open crib...hooray!! Ryder is 1825 grams (about 4 lbs) and Cruz is a bit behind at 1695 grams. They have decreased their feeds from every 2 hours to every 3 hours, also in order to prepare them for the an open crib and because they are digesting things well (if they weren't they would stick to every 2 hour feeds). This is all good boys are close to being reunited. The nurse tonight said it just depends on the Doctor on tommorrow as to whether or not they will be able to put them in a crib, otherwise, it might be Monday. I also got to change two poopy diapers today which made me happy (well three actually... the third one once I got back home, ha ha). Any chance I get to interact with my boys is a special moment for me...even if it is just a diaper change or taking their temperature for the nurse. It isnt easy changing a diaper in an isolette either!
I cant believe how quickly they change though. I feel like I havnt taken enough pictures and Im usually there by myself so I dont have a lot of pics taken with them, just individually of the boys and I will be thrilled once we have left the the isolette's behind (hard to take photo's through those things).
Saying good-bye is always the hardest part of my day. The short visits are difficult but once they are in the crib, Im hoping to get more snuggle time. We are also transferring them to a closer hospital but we have been waiting on that for a few days now and they say it could take up to a week for two beds in this other hospital NICU to open up.
That's the latest.

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