Thursday, 14 July 2011

July.14th-6 days old

We went and saw the boys this morning and when I laid eyes on Cruz's little face without the CPAP on, I burst into tears! Happy tears of course. What a difference a few days can make. He looked amazing and I could finally see his sweet CPAP and no photo therapy mask, just baby Cruz!
The best part was when they handed him to me and he opened his eyes after they laid him in my arms! A couple of hard blinks and he was trying to focus in on Mommy and Daddy. He knew his Mama's voice and smell, no doubt about it. Chris was leaning over my shoulder and Cruz was trying to focus on him as was just an amazing moment. His strength blows me away!
He's only 2 lbs 9 oz right now but he's doing fantastic! They are bumping his feeds one mL every 12 hours so he's getting 7 ml's every 2 hours. I filled my shelf in the NICU fridge with pumped breast milk for my little munchkin's and the staff couldnt believe how much milk I was making since it tends to be much more difficult for Mom's after they have had a pre-term labor and in addition have had a c-section. They actually told me to hold off on bringing so much milk to the NICU until they use up what I have already left them, ha ha. That was reassuring to hear as I thought I was just doing "okay" with my supply so to hear I am doing great was comforting.

I REALLY cant wait until they are strong enough to nurse though and I can start to breastfeed. They said it could be up to a month before that happens since they are so small but then again, these boys are surprising everyone so it could easily be earlier than that. I'm looking forward to that bonding time more than anything! I used to cherish those quiet moments with my daughter when it was just her and I cuddling and nursing. One of life's treasures to be able to nurse your baby.

I spoke with the Pediatrician this morning who mentioned to me that Ryder has a heart murmur as a result of the chamber in his heart not closing yet (we are all born with the open chamber but it most often closes within the first few days of life) however it takes longer with premie's. That being said, the Doctor was not concerned and said the cardiologist was going to be there on Friday and would have a look and listen to Ryder's heart then. He didnt go over worse case scenario or treatment options because he is confident it will close on it's own shortly and didnt want us to worry (which I'm not). He is still on CPAP but with no pressure settings and it is likely he too will have his CPAP removed tommorrow! Yipee!!!! I still havnt held Ryder so I am really looking forward to that! Apparently Baby "B" is always more unstable than Baby "A" or so they tell me but Ryder is very stable, he's just a little slower to improve than his twin brother.

Cruz gained 45 grams today (he's 1225 grams now) and Ryder gained 25 grams (he's 1325 grams now).
Today was an amazing day!

PS. Thanks Steph for sharing this special was so nice to see you and have you there with our boys:) xxxx

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