Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 17th, 2011

My boys are doing great. I cherish every moment with them and it breaks my heart when I have to leave them and go home. Its much harder than I thought it would be because when you have a child, they are pretty much attached to you every day for the next year so leaving them in the NICU makes me sad. I want them at home and I want to spend every waking minute with them but that just isnt possible right now.
I did Ryder's footprints last night (his PICC line is in his hand so I could only get his feet) and attempted to do Cruz's hand prints (his PICC line is in his foot so I could only get his hands). Have you ever tried to get handprints from a baby?! Its next to impossible!!! Footprints were easy but the hands are sooooo tricky!! I will have to try again another day. I really want to get them done now while they are so teeny tiny so I can remember just how small they were and just how lucky I am to have two healthy baby boys! I still cant get over how stinkin' cute they are, nor how small.

I talked to a friend of mine who works on the maternity unit at the hospital 10 minutes from my house (she also works with me at the other hospital) and she said they get "grower" baby's there all the time so I am hoping and praying that by the time the boys are 34 weeks (that's how old they have to be in order to go to the smaller hospital), they can be transferred to the smaller hospital closer to home so they are only 10 minutes away instead of 45 mins- 1 hour. I will talk to the nurses or pedeatrician tomorrow and see if that's a possibility in a months time roughly.


  1. Candice they are SOOOO cute!!!! I'm so glad they're healthy and growing stronger every day!!!!

  2. Candice! What a great update!! Yes! That is so true about what your friend said. My cousins "peanut" was in the Victoria hospital for awhile last summer and once she hit a certain weight, they transferred her to either the Nanaimo or Port Alberni hospital to be closer to her parents. My cousin and her husband borrowed a camping trailer and stayed outside the hospital for a month before she was well enough to be transferred to be closer to their house in Port Alberni. So I will be praying they GROW GROW GROW to be out here!! xoxoxo