Wednesday, 20 July 2011

July 18th, 2011

Just 12 days ago, two amazing little boys came into our lives and I feel so incredibly lucky. I just saw my lil' men and I got really emotional today because I didnt get to see them yesterday and it felt like forever! They change so quickly and when I arrived at the NICU today, Cruz was the most awake and alert I have ever seen him and he kept looking up at me like, "uhhhh, Mama!".....they melt my heart. I want to take them home so badly but they have some growing to do and need to learn how to eat yet.

I was really disappointed on Monday when I found out the boys would only be able to be transferred to the closer hospital at 34 weeks (they are 31 weeks now) but that Mom's HAVE to "room in" with their baby's and having a 2 year old at home will make that impossible for us. I would love for the boys to be closer to home for their last 2 or 3 weeks in hospital but rooming in with them isn't going to work because that would mean getting a full-time caregiver at home for Brooklyn which just doesn't exist.....that would be Mama's job:)
So they will be in the NICU at the much further hospital until the end of August or early September:(

I got a call this morning from my Obstetrician who delivered our boys. He wanted to know how the baby's were doing and I guess his staff were hounding him to call and find out how they were doing as well. His first question...."are they still on ventilators?".....I was so happy to tell him they were NEVER on ventilators but simply on CPAP at room air- Cruz for 5 days and Ryder for 7 (Ryder was on 25% O2 for just a few days). He couldnt believe it! He too was blown away to hear they were doing so well because he thought they would have quite a fight ahead of them as did the rest of us. Our boys have done amazing and continue to surprise everyone with their quick progress and larger than life strength!
I asked him if a vaginal birth was ever a possibility during my labor but he said it was actually a really difficult c-section because Cruz was breech and Ryder was transverse. I wish I asked him about the placenta though because today was the first day that I realized I dont think the boys look identical.....and their nurse today said the same thing. Im not sure if it's just because of the weight difference but they are only 160 grams apart. I guess time will tell but they say that one placenta is the tell tale sign to identical twins.

One of the boys' nurses from last week approached me today. She was off for 5 days and when she left on her last shift, our boys were in the East wing (for youngest baby's and sick baby's) and when she returned, the boys were in the West wing near the front door. She too was blown away. She said, "your boys are doing phenomenal".......the Doctor had put in the boys PICC lines on her last shift and she returned to find out that Cruz had his PICC line discontinued (removed) already and Ryder's is coming out today. They ONLY put in PICC lines if they think the baby's will need them for a few weeks to a month......they wouldn't have put them in for just one week (too high risk for infection etc). So, like I have said before, I will say it again......I am one lucky girl to have two beautiful, healthy (just small at the moment) baby boys!! I cannot wait to get them home. These short hospital visits are breaking my heart!

They are starting the boys on a special type of protein powder that they will mix into my breast milk today.....just to help them gain weight faster. Once one of the boys reaches 1800 grams, they will graduate them from their individual isolette's into a crib and they will be finally be together again and I will finally get a picture of my boys together!!! Ryder is 1415 grams so he will likely hit the 1800 grams first. They gain between 15-25 grams on average/day but Ryder had a huge growth spurt of 85 grams yesterday. The other plus side of graduating from isolette's is that my snuggle sessions wont be limited to one hour....I can hold them for as long as I want to once they are in a crib.

My co-workers threw me a baby shower was so great to see everyone. I really work with some super people! I will miss them all when I'm off this next year but hopefully they will come visit me and my litter of children soon. You ladies did a lovely job.....and Chris and I are so incredibly greatful for the 1200 diapers you sent us home with yesterday!!! I still cant believe it!! Thanks for a lovely afternoon MMHC gang! xxxx

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