Wednesday, 27 July 2011

2 weeks, 2 days & I got to hold my 2 boys! Bliss!

I FINALLY got to hold my boys together a few days was amazing. It bothers me that they have been separated ever since I delivered them on July.8th......Im certain they miss each other.
I had an amazing moment with Ryder on Monday. When I got to the NICU for my visit, Cruz was sound asleep and Ryder was wide awake so I said hello to him through the plexi-glass isolette and I was sure he smiled when he saw me and heard my voice....I know they cant smile yet, buy his facial expression definitely changed when he saw/heard me. Then Ryder had some physio. He's favoring one side of his head and developing a flat spot so the nurse let me hold Cruz instead. While I was holding Cruz, I noticed Ryder was quite upset. I could see his red arms and legs flailing, I could hear him crying and his heart monitor alarm kept going off because he was so worked up, his rate was well over 200 BPM!!! After several failed attempts of the nurse trying to settle him and three beeping heart alarms later, she asked me if I could put Cruz back in his isolette and hold Ryder because she thought he just wanted his Mummy. Sure enough, as soon as the nurse handed me Ryder and laid him on my chest, we could see his heart rate drop from 210 down to 160 and all was perfect in Ryder's world! It was so awesome....he settled instantly because all he wanted was his Mummy! *sigh*....Im so in love!

Also, one of my favorite nurses there did Cruz and Ryder's handprints and did such a lovely job. I attached a photo up top. I will cherish these keepsakes forever! Thank-You Kaori!

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  1. This story brought a tear to my eye! Thanks again for sharing!