Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So in love with my double blessings!

My boys change so just a few days, Cruz had caught up a bit in regards to weight gain and I think they are starting to look more and more alike at this point. I thought they looked quite different for the first 3 1/2 weeks and now that Cruz's face is filling out, I see them starting to look identical.
They look amazing and were supposed to be transferred to a closer hospital tommorrow but while I was cuddling them today, the transfer got cancelled due to not enough beds in the NICU at the other hospital (the have to have 2 open beds to accept them). I got my hopes up as we have been waiting for this transfer for a week now! Bummer!!! Im pretty tired of the one hour commute through major highway construction and cant wait for them to be transferred out to the closer hospital.

Anyways, my boys had a grumpy day today (first time for them) and as soon as I got to the NICU the nurses told me my boys were "grizzly bears" today and believe there was something I ate that was excreted in my breast milk that made them really bloated and gassy!! Sorry boys, I have a weakness for asparagus and Im certain thats what it was because the only time my daughter was ever gassy or fussy was after I had eaten asparagus:(
I had a glimpse of the chaos to come once my boys are home....both of them crying and both of them wanting Mummy at the same time. Thankfully the nurse was there to hold one while I held the other and later Aunty Jess arrived to cuddle too but the nurse let me cuddle both of them at the same time again and they fell asleep instantly while I fell deeper in love staring down at my double blessings! They get cuter every day!! I am in love with the photo of the two of them up above.

I made some "oober" cute crib name tags for my boys yesterday and stuck them on their crib today....I think they are pretty FAB myself, ha ha. You can check them out in the third photo above. We (Jessica and I ) also did clay molds of Cruz's foot today and Ryder's hand.....Thanks Aunty Jess for helping me with was quite a mess to do Ryder's hand...we had plaster everywhere for that one because he freaked out once we dipped his hand in the cold gel. I will post pictures once they dry tommorrow. I cant wait to see their little fingers and toes in clay....wonderful keepsakes!

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