Wednesday, 13 July 2011

July.13th-Boys are 5 days old

July.13th, 2011 (5 days old):

Today is my first day at home. I only slept a few hours last night (or any other night for the last week) as I have been pumping around the clock in order to fill my freezer with breast milk for the boys. I pump every 3 hours- 24 hours a day which cuts into my sleep but I want the boys to have enough milk for as long as they are in the NICU. There will come a time though when my supply wont be able to keep up with the demand of two growing boys! ha ha.

I got fantastic news today when I phoned the NICU to check up on the boys. Cruz is officially OFF his CPAP machine and doing well- he needs no assistance of any kind to breathe. His nurse told me he didn’t anticipate Cruz would need to go back on it because he is proving to be doing so incredibly well without (and I didnt even get the steroid injection for their lungs pre-delivery or anything). Cruz is taking 5cc’s of breast milk via his IV every 2 hours and Ryder is still on CPAP at room air (he was on 25% O2 for the first couple of days) and he is tolerating 3cc’s of breast milk. Cruz continues to be the more stable baby and the nurses have labeled him “The Wild One” because of his wild tantrums, ha ha. He kicks and screams and flails his arms whenever the nurses or doctors try to prick him or change his IV etc. He is so strong...I have seen him push off from one end of his isolette to the other and then they have to move him back down again. I didnt know a 3 lb baby was capable of doing that!

Ryder continues photo therapy for jaundice but is otherwise doing really well. Ryder has dropped a little more weight and today’s weight was 1305 grams or 2 lbs 14 oz. and Cruz is 1180grams or 2 lbs 9oz…SCARY!! That sounds so ridiculously s-m-a-l-l but the doctors and nurses have in no way led on that there is anything to worry about. Most baby’s lose up to 10% of their birth weight within a few days of life but when their birth weights are only 3 lbs and 3lbs 6 oz......losing 10% is much more problematic. We are going to see the boys first thing in the morning and I cant wait!!!

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