Friday, 15 July 2011

Our 29 week premie's are One Week Old today!

The Twins are one week old today.....hard to believe, especially since it took a few days for the shock to wear off. They are doing g-r-e-a-t and take my breathe away every time I see them. Tonight was the first time I got to hold Ryder (twin B). He came off CPAP today and looks 10x better than he did. His respirations finally look easy and relaxed as his chest is no longer jerking on each breathe. He has finally caught up to his little brother.
I held Ryder (skin-to-skin) on my chest for an hour and a half tonight.....he was so content as was I. It was my first kiss and my first skin-to-skin and I was in heaven! These boys are truly amazing and put me at ease every time I see them.
When my obstetrician was paged to the hospital to examine me last Friday and told me I was already 8-9cm dialated and said we needed to get to the O.R. immediately to deliver them, I sort of lost it! I was terrified that one of them might not make it or that they would be sick and on ventilators. I told Chris they would have to fight so hard at only 29 weeks gestation but they have certainly proved me wrong. These boys are doing amazing and the respiratory therapists, nurses and pediatricians keep telling me just how awesome they are doing. I expected a battle, a break-down and roller coaster but I can feel everyone's prayers and support and I think we are all thriving because of it! Thank-You all for that. All your support and emails have been uplifting, comforting and kind.
The boys are doing so good that they started bumping their feeds by 1 mL every 8 hours instead of every 12 hours and they are at almost full feeds. What else can I say, they just need to grow and get stronger.
I wish I could have both of them on my chest at one time or hold them at the same time but the nurse thinks they will graduate to a crib next week and they will be together again at which time I can probably hold them together. I still cant get over how small they are....they are just so precious!
When I was holding Ryder tonight, he fell asleep on my chest and when it was time to go home (after not hearing a peep out of him all night), he squeeled super loud when the nurse took him off my chest to put him back in his isolette. We all started laughing because it was such a loud squeel that I realized he in deed has a good set of lungs on him and he clearly did not want to leave his Mom.....I said, "I know Ryder, I feel the same way."

As for Mama, I am still in a lot of pain from my c-section. I still cant believe they discharge you with maybe 2 days worth of T3's and nothing else. I had to go see my family Doctor today to get a prescription for more because Im in so much pain once the T3's wear off. I also didnt realize (or have since forgotten since my last c-section 2 years ago) that we use our abs for everything!!! I cant blow my nose without feeling pain or burning at my incision site nor can I cough without it sucked big time when I choked on my water at dinner time tonight and I coughed about 20 times before I could clear my throat and catch my breathe...I thought my incision had burst open it hurt so bad. Recovery from a c-section sucks (as many of you know) and I think I have a pretty high threshold for pain (as evidenced by working my 8 hour shift last Friday and having contractions all day long- I was in denial, lol) but a c-section is no "scraped knee" and people talk about them like they need a band aid because they are so common nowadays. It took a full 6 weeks before I could push a grocery cart without feeling pain or bleeding after my daughter a few years back and I anticipate it will take another 6 weeks to fully recover from this one. It just sucks because I cant pick up my daughter and getting in and out of really hurts unless I have T3's on board.....I was never given the option to deliver the boys naturally last Friday but Im assuming they didnt want to risk stressing the baby's etc.

Anyways, another great update and time spent with my little boys. Time for some much needed rest though. Until next time.

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  1. Thank you so much Candice for sharing your story. The boys are looking stronger each day and very soon you will be able to take them home and really start to enjoy them! You are so brave and you seem to be handling this all really well. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. So glad they are doing so well, despite their early arrival. Praying for you and the boys daily!