Thursday, 10 March 2011

Surprise, your pregnant! What!????!?

Here is the story of the first (there are a few) surprises this past January....
Originally hubby and I weren't planning on trying for a second baby until our daughter turned 2 this August....however, I was starting to feel the desire sooner than I expected but that being said, I was still on birth control and hubby wasnt budging on the TTC date (TTC=trying to conceive date)!

December was a busy month for the 3 of us.....lots of out of town family and back to back house guests. We had a fabulous Christmas with our family's and we were all so happy to be together (we hosted this year). That being said, there wasnt a whole lot of time for romance if you catch my drift, lol.
Which leads me to the shocking discovery of a positive pregnancy test, lol. I was out of town for a week, taking a course through my job this past January and was expecting my monthly visitor while I was away at the course. By mid-week I was missing my daughter so much that I drove home one night to see her. I thought it was odd that I hadnt got my period yet and remembered I had a few old, expired pregnancy tests under the sink from a few years back so I figured I would take one just to "rule it out"! I mean I know it only takes "one" time but come on!? .....What are the odds!?!?!?! There is no way I could be pregnant!

Truthfully, the odds were slim to none!! We weren't trying to get pregnant, there was only one opportunity/chance there (sorry babe, your probably thinking TMI! lol), I had taken most of my birth control pills that month (my toddler ran off with them and it took me a few days to figure out they weren't on the bathroom counter (in a child proof container of course-and I missed a few but I didnt think it really mattered since we were soooo busy that month and there was nothing happening if you know what I mean! lol.

I took the expired pregnancy test that Wednesday night and it read positive within seconds of taking it! I couldn't believe it so I waited until the next morning before I had to leave for my course again (also when your urine is highly concentrated with HCG first thing in the AM) and then took the second test and it too read positive !!! OMG!!!!!!!! This is impossible I thought!!! I was scared Chris was going to be upset because we had just talked about baby making and he was very clear he was not ready to start trying yet. I wasnt going to see him for 2 more days (he was working nights the night I came home so we didn't see each other), so I had to keep it to myself......and I had NO IDEA how to tell him anyways!
When I got home that Friday, I simply asked him to come down stairs so we could talk and with tears in my eyes, I told him we were pregnant. He couldnt understand why I was crying. He said, "really!???"....."seriously!??"....."no way!"...."why are you crying?". I just didnt want him to feel pressure or disapointment even though we had planned to have another baby at some point and technically it was only about 6 months earlier than we planned for (and of course it's a blessing hands down!) but with a fairly recent move (re-location actually) and both having started new jobs, I figured he might feel dissapointment, stress or pressure and I didnt want him to feel that way. His reaction was perfect though and he made me feel much more relaxed about it which made me able to finally get excited about it!

In fact, I think his ego inflated a bit (it's a man thing Im sure!) because I reminded him about what a "quiet" month we had so-to-speak, and how I was taking my birth control pills (except confessed of course about the 4 pills I missed when Brooklyn ran off with my pill pack).....something along the lines of, "Wow! I must have strong swimmers" came out of his mouth and he sat up a little straighter!!! Ha ha, MEN! *rolling my eyes* lol. He's such a cave man sometimes, ha ha!

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  1. Cute story, Candice! Can't wait to read all about your pregnancy!