Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Can't catch a break....sick, sick, sick!

Just when I was getting over the food poisoning, I woke up the next day FULL of a nasty cold! I couldn't believe it! Between the food poisoning, being pregnant with twins and having them take what they need from me and then getting a cold, it sure felt like flu because I have nothing left!! Nothing!! I had spent 24 hours on the "porcelain" thrown and now while my immunity was shot-to-sh*t, I picked up my toddler's cold (which she brought home from day care!! awesome! grrrr!!!!). I had a headache for about 6 days in a row and I was also flat in bed or on the couch for 6 days straight! It was extremely difficult taking care of my daughter by myself while all of this was going on because hubby was away at a course all week (minus the day my friend/cousin helped me out) and my mom came to help me on Saturday but I went back to work yesterday and I still sound like a horse with a little bit of laryngitis and still feel like Im on my death bed. I'm hoping, wishing and praying that Im going to turn a corner any day now and have a great 2nd trimester!!!!! I want to put the 1st trimester behind me as I'm dying to feel human again and feel some joy! lol.

In all honesty, "twins" is a special thing and it's a blessing but it has been very stressful for my husband and I (especially because he has always been quite vocal and firm about only wanting two children). Finances are a huge concern when expecting multiples and while Im off work on maternity leave. We recently re-located back to the lower mainland which increased our fixed costs $900/month from where we used to live. I have heard diapers/formula & extras can run upwards 0f $400-$500/month with twins and since I will have 3 children under the age of 2 (OMG!!!), they will ALL be in diapers! Im hoping the twins will be fortunate enough to carry close to full term so Brooklyn can have her 2nd birthday party this August (08/14) before they get here and life becomes all about them for a while. As far as potty training goes, I have been advised by many not to rush my 19 month old into potty training just because we have twins on the way because many children will digress once the twins arrive and chaos sets in. I will however, have Brooklyn in her big girl bed come July or August and hope we can tackle that milestone before the baby's arrive! I tried to nap her in the her big girl bed yesterday for the first time but as soon as I left her room and shut the door, she leaped out of the toddler bed and was trying to get out?

One of our biggest concerns is not having enough time with our 19 month old daughter once the baby's arrive. She is the apple of our eye and it's a no-brainer that our time will be sooooooooo ridiculously limited with new born twins! We will have to set time aside for her every day but I think it's going to be hard on her initially. On the bright side, she is a very independant child already and quite "rough and tumble" so I think she may surprise us!

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