Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Research, research, research!!!

It never ends. Im researching twin pregnancies/complications, raising twins, minivans, twin support groups, twin freebies, searching craigslist religiously for things we need (, 2nd car seat, etc) discounts for mom's with twins, twin facts and feels like all I do is research! It's so overwhelming when I sit back and make lists and think about all the things we need to prepare for these baby's and the vehicle situation is stressing me out too. I'm leaning towards a 2006 or 2007 white Toyota Sienna XLE but Im not sure I can find one within our budget. It will depend on what I can get for my 2006 Honda CR-V. I really want the leather interior since kids can be pukers in the car and cloth seats tend to smell over time as a result of spillage, vomit, sweat, tears, food, you name it!!! A ceiling mounted DVD player would be pretty awesome for 3 kids too!
I havnt really bought anything for the baby's yet because I want to know the genders before I purchase anything and also because I wanted to get past my first trimester before I purchased anything just in case.

I bought this fabulous "innobaby" device from a gal off craigslist. It's awesome!!! It's a stackable formula/snack case and it's prefect for my baby bag. If we ever go anywhere (which Im sure wont be often the first year, ha ha!), I can pack plenty of pre-measured formula for the twins' bottles and snacks for Brooklyn. This is such a cool invention! It beats the alternative of having to use multiple tupperware dishes or ziplocs for formula and snacks all over your diaper bag. This way it['s totally organized and you can choose how many compartments you need to bring with you.
Here is a link: I just think they are a brilliant little invention!

Video Baby Monitor:
If there are any Moms out there looking for a video baby monitor (something I think is even more necessary with twins). I found a great website with ALL the reviews you need to make a decision as to what model you want to get. The #1 day/night video monitor runs $200! This review explains all the capabilities and limitations to the top 10 monitors on the market.
Here is the link to help you make your decision on a baby monitor:

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