Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Change in due date!

Wow, I just got a phone call from one of my obstetrician's office to book my next ultrasound in 4 weeks. The weird part was that she kept telling me I was a week ahead and I kept saying well, I will be 13 weeks tommorrow and she said, actually, the Dr. has dated you a week ahead at this point (because the baby's are measuring large) so you will be 18 weeks at your next ultrasound instead of 17 weeks! My original due date was September 22nd and now it's Sept.15th!

My daughter measured a week ahead my entire first pregnancy but they never changed my due date as a result so I was surprised. I asked if they would tell us the genders at this next ultrasound and she said there are no promises but if he can tell, he will probably tell us if we want to know.....and we DO want to know!! If it was a singleton pregnancy, we were going to wait until delivery day to find out so it would be a surprise but with multiples on the way, we really need to be prepared since I probably won't leave the house for the first month...if not the first year!! lol. I want to make things as easy as possible because I am really worried about sleep deprivation and post partum hormones. I cried everyday for the first 2 weeks with my daughter....they were ALL HAPPY, BLISSFUL tears of course!!! I didn't even want to go to sleep the first week of her life because I didnt want to miss a mili-second of her life but you can only live off adrenaline for so long! lol. I was so utterly happy......there were a few, "Im so tired" tears mixed in there too but it was mostly euphoria and joy that brought on the water works! I know some Mom's know exactly what Im talking about. That, "all is perfect in the world feeling" lol.

Anyways, Im super psyched for our next ultrasound on April 13th, when we find out if it is going to be a couple of boys or two more girls to the clan! lol. I cant wait!!!!!

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