Friday, 11 March 2011

11 weeks +5 days- Food Poisoning!!!!!

I woke up last night at 2am feeling quite sick to my stomach which was unusual since I have been managing the nausea well by always keeping something in my stomach. I just figured I didnt eat enough that day so I went downstairs and made a piece of toast and downed a glass of chocolate milk and went back to bed.....(with a bucket at the bed side just in case). Sure enough, I woke up shortly after and started violently puking (amongst other things, lol) everything I had eaten that day.....I was sooooooo sick!! I woke up hubby and asked him to get me some water and a warm cloth and continued to throw up the rest of the night. The funny things is, he had something very similar 4 days before that and the only common denomenator between what we both ate was some buttered chicken sauce we both ingested (he was sick Friday/Saturday and I was sick Tuesday/Wednesday).

I was supposed to stay home with my daughter that day but thankfully my girlfriend offered to take her so I could rest (or at least keep puking without interuption, lol). All I had to do was drive her over there (which is only 5-7 blocks away) but once I got up and got Brooklyn dressed, I had to run to the bathroom again and then I had to lay down again because I was so weak. I was extremely dehydrated and could barely stand up so I was going to ask my neighbor/friend Erin if she could take her but Renee offered to come get her which worked out perfect. I went right back to bed with my bucket and waited until 8:30am to call my obstetrician because I wasnt sure how this was going to affect the twins in my belly. He said I should go to the hospital if I couldnt keep water down and said he would call and have me admitted to the maternity unit for re-hydration but I insisted I would wait it out a bit and see if things got better at home first. By 12 noon, I was only getting worse. My cousin came to take care of Brooklyn for the rest of the day (we picked her up at lunch time) and then she dropped me off at the hospital and then took B home for her afternoon nap.

I quickly registered and went straight up to the maternity unit at the local hospital and I was thinking.....please just give me my bolus and IV gravol and send me home but because I was so dehydrated, they couldnt find a vein to start the IV!!!! The first nurse tried poking me twice, dug around for a while (holy hurts!) but couldnt find a vein (they all shrivelled up). IV starts never bother me but these ones hurt so bad!! It didn't help they were using the largest gauge needle possible. A second nurse came in to try and start the IV and after 2 pokes and digs, another failed attempt. They wrapped my arms in warm blankets to try and get a vein to come to the surface but it didnt work. A third nurse came in and put in her two attempts and then finally they got the nursing team leader to come in and try who ended up using my good, juicy arterial vein (which is the one I asked them to use from the beginning but apparently the "lab" likes to use that vein and they could get yelled at if they used that one! Grrrrr. Stupid protocols! I have two of them afterall! They could have had the bolus infused an hour ago but no such luck so it took an additional hour to get my fluids/medication and then my hubby came to pick me up on his way home from work. It was a b-r-u-t-a-l 24 hours and I lost the 6 lbs I had gained this pregnancy!

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