Friday, 11 March 2011

9 week scare/bleeding!

I was 9 weeks along (sonogram photo is 9 weeks gestation), feeling like I had some sort of death sentence because I have never in my life felt like this before.....exhausted, fatigued, hormonal, emotional!!! I was going to bed at 7pm on a regular basis since I work almost full-time and chase after an 19 month most of the time, I am just spent come 3pm!

I was at the hospital working my regular day shift and all of a sudden I was standing in the hall and felt a huge gush of fluid running out of me! I ran to the bathroom and there was bright red blood everywhere! I had completely soiled myself. I was trying to stay calm but said, "Oh No!".
I cleaned myself up the best I could and then pulled aside an ER nurse I work with who told me to go lay down in an open bed immediately! They registered me as a patient for the 2nd time in 2 weeks! This was getting to be so stressful and emotionally taxing. I mean we all know the first 3 months of pregnancy is a bit of a waiting game but I had been heavily spotting daily and bleeding quite regluarily the entire month so my nerves were constantly on edge the entire time!
This however, was A LOT of blood and it wasnt stopping! I bled for about an hour straight! It was awful! The ER physycian I work with said this can be indicative of a threatened miscarriage but a pelvic exam and an ultrasound would help him determine what might happen but ultimately only time would tell! After I had my pelvic exam (I was forced to choose between two ER Docs I work with on a daily basis and of course I picked the one I work with less's a little akward people when the Docs you talk shop, life, dogs, family and baby's with have to examine YOU (ie. ME) at some point! The DR told me my cervix was "fairly" closed so that was good but only an ultrasound was going to give me piece of mind that day. Luckily, they had time to squeeze me in for an urgent ultrasound that day. I was just praying the baby's hearts were still beating because by that time, I had spent 2 weeks researching twins and read plenty of articles on VTS (vanishing twin syndrome) and all the rest of it and since most miscarriages happen before 9 or 10 weeks gestation, I was feeling incredibly vulnerable!

Once I saw the baby's on the ultrasound I was blown away! I could see Baby A was almost dancing.....moving and shakin' and putting on quite a show for me (unbelievable) and Baby B was sound asleep like a bump on a log and didn't budge an inch! We could see that both hearts weren't only beating but had strong heart rates to boot! I was thinking....."great, they have opposite schedules already!" *sigh* ha ha. It was so comforting to see they were both okay!

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