Thursday, 17 March 2011


My mind is consumed with all sorts of things....questions, questions and more questions??????

1. Cloth diapers (with disposable inserts) or disposable diapers? Which is more cost effective? Cloth means more laundry, more hassle & more headache!!

2. We need a bigger vehicle that can accommodate 3 car seats!....used Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey (leather interior or cloth!?)

3. Two cribs or one? (I have decided to buy two even though they will share the first few months)

4. An "Au Pair" or part-time nanny?

5. To pump or not to pump?

6. Video monitor?

7. Bar fridge upstairs?... so I dont have to walk up and down 15 stairs in the middle of the night for bottles etc.... especially since I will be recovering from a c-section! With twins and a toddler, it could make for a lot of trips up and down the stairs in the middle of the night!

8. What kind of bottles should I buy? The ones I used with my daughter were the playtex vented aire one's and each bottle has 5 pieces to it, so I plan to switch for that reason alone! That's way too many pieces when you need 20 bottles!

9. Double bottle warmer?

10. Sterilizer!?

11. Double or triple stroller?

12. Baby Names!?

13. Cost of formula and diapers? (even though I plan to breastfeed as much as I can)

We also have a million little reno's to do to the house before the baby's get here (not a lot as the house is only 8 years old but painting is so time consuming!). We have to paint the entire upstairs before we get new carpet's installed and we have been chipping away at it since July! My daughter's room & the laundry room are the only rooms finished upstairs right now so we plan to finish painting, install ceiling fans and new light fixtures in all the bedrooms and then have the carpet installed. Then we can start the twins nursery but it's a long way off yet and we only have 5-6 months at best to get everything done!


  1. Here's my thoughts on a few....

    Disposable diapers- I'd rather not deal with the hassle, when you have enough going on.

    Toyota Sienna is great!! Lots and lots of storage. We have leather and like it.

    We have a video monitor and it is sooo handy- even for having toddlers cause you can keep an eye on them. You'll never go back after.

    I'm all about convenience- bar fridge sounds good.

    Triple stroller or maybe a double with sit & stand- if that exists. Katie just turned 4 and she is in and out of the stroller a lot. You'll end up carrying Brooklyn a lot I would imagine.

  2. Thanks Carissa, Im always interested in other Mom's opinions, experiences and recommendations:)