Sunday, 17 April 2011

The NAME GAME!!!! Take our Poll on the far left sidebar!!

We posted a Name Poll on the far left of the Blog for anyone to place their vote.

The name game has gone something like this.....
Chris has loved the name "Cody" since childhood. He is an only child and had a dog growing up that apparently was his "best friend". He says that if he ever had a son, he would name it Cody. A little strange from my perspective....I had a dog growing up too (but also had siblings) but would never name my child "Gizmo" after a childhood pet (even if my pet's name was George). That being said, I have always liked the name Cody so I was in agreement when we had our that we have twin boys on the way though, I want to scrap the name altogether for a few reasons.
Chris and I agreed on Cruz and Kingston for quite some time but I really wanted one syllable names and prefer that they both start with the same letter. Then he made it clear, he was still very attached to the name "Cody" and couldnt let it go. I also don't particularly want two names that start with "C" or "K" because Chris, Candice, Cody & Cruz could make it very difficult to spit out the right, Brooklyn would be the odd one out if the rest of us all have "C" names. This may seem silly to some but these are just my thoughts:)

I also felt that one twin would always rub it in the other one's face that he was the "chosen one" with the name "Cody" because that was daddy's buddy growing up (ie. the dog was named Cody). Chris said, "they will never know where the name came from"....I said, "yes they will because I will tell them"! ha ha...and so will their Nana & Papa. Chris has agreed to let go of the name Cody on the conditions that we name the boys Cruz and Ryder so as you can see, there is a lot of compromising going on. lol. Im still on the Rhys and Ryder combo. though but he simply doesnt care for Rhys and if I insist on Rhys as my first choice, then he will revert back to "Cody" thus making them "Cody & Rhys" *sigh* that complicated enough for everyone!? ha ha.

Candice's Top picks are; Cruz, Rhys (pronounced Reece), Ryder & Silas (pronounced sigh-less) but that being said Chris has "rejected Silas in a BIG way and says Rhys is a "girl's" name!!! Rhys has two different spellings for boys and girls too by the way. As for combinations...I like;
Rhys & Ryder
Cruz & Silas
Ryder & Cruz

Chris's Top Three picks are; Cody, Cruz & Ryder and his combinations are;
Cody & Cruz OR...
Cruz and Ryder

Middle names are chosen already (and are after family members).


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  1. I voted Cruz and Ryder because that's the only combo that you both agreed I think those would be awesome names!!!