Tuesday, 12 April 2011

preggo dreams/nightmares

I had my first case of "twinsomnia" last night.....the baby's were active all night long. I fell asleep giggling to their baby kicks but then woke up about half a dozen times due to horrific night mares (related to hormones obviously!) and baby kicks. I would have slept through the kicks but the darn night mares that go along with pregnancy are so vivid and disruptive.

I had awesome/steamy/romantic dreams in my first trimester, hee hee. They were wonderful! I remember one where I WON "The Bachelor!", ha ha. I didn't even like the bachelor this season but dreamt he chose me, despite my being married and pregnant with twins, he didn't care..... the bachelor-Brad Womack, chose ME over the Angelic Emily and vivacious Chantel! ha ha. What a joke! lol. I also dreamnt that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (my celebrity crush) swept me away on a romantic getaway, hee hee.

By the way, my hubby knows all about these dreams and thought they were pretty funny! lol. Although he does HATE it when I see Dwayne Johnson on the TV time to time and I "ssshhhh-shush" him to be quiet! lol. I think it's hilarious though! lol. Maybe it's because I have met/talked to Dwayne Johnson before and have pictures with him that make hubby jealous...whatever the case may be, I think Dwayne Johnson is the sexiest man alive! ha ha, there I said it!

(I tell Chris all the time he is equally as sexy as Dwayne (I think he is) and that he is the white version of "The Rock" but this doesnt seem to help because he simply doesnt believe me....but I really do see simmilarities....Chris is a dirty blonde with blue-green eyes but has the same sort of lean, chiselled face, nice teeth, long dimples etc.). Anyways, moving on..........ha ha.

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  1. Ooooh yeah!! I forgot about your crush on "The Rock" who by the way was on Ellen yesterday ;) So cute!