Wednesday, 13 April 2011

17 week ultrasound...TWIN BOYS for us!!!!!!

I had my 17 week ultrasound today and..........It's TWIN BOYS FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited as hubby and I both had a preference for boys! We have our sweet baby girl and felt boys are what our family needed more so than two more chicklets! ha ha. To be honest, I prayed and prayed for boys but there was still a small sense of sadness afterwards knowing Brooklyn would never have a sister to bond with but I think this is an inevitable feeling because had they been twin girls, I would have felt sadness that she would never have had a brother and I would never know what it's like to love and raise a son. So it was a win-win here....but I do have to add that I thought these were boys ALL ALONG! ha ha.

Our ultra sound today went something like this..............
I laid down on the gurney and the technician started probing the buddha belly and we saw two big heads side by side. The Doctor always sits by the monitor to point things out and to provide information and commented that the twins were very close together and then he asked us, "If we happen to view certain regions or particular parts, are you wanting to know the baby's gender or would you prefer NOT to know?"............."we would love to know!"......a few minutes later after a cross section of Baby A's abdomen, Dr.Farq points at the monitor and says, "and that there is a little Willy!"....we could see it clear as day and burst out with excitement and cheer! A few seconds later Chris and I high fived each other and for a moment, neither of us could speak. We were both teary eyed and just so thrilled!! We just stared at his little Willy in disbelief, ha ha. Of course baby B also has a willy since they are identical! lol. We couldn't be happier! What a journey this has been. The Doctor also said the boys are measuring large but of course that is no surprise (Chris is 6'4" and I am 6"3") and Brooklyn is only 20 months old and she's already 3 feet tall (36")!!!!! The doctor said the boys looked great and were equal in size and the funniest part of the ultrasound was when Baby B bent his leg and then booted his brother in the head....they even printed a photo of it for us to keep, lol.

Due Date:
A little confusion about my due date as my obstetrician's receptionist appears to have screwed up a couple of things. The doctor was a bit confused as to why my ultrasound was booked at 17 weeks today? He said he normally does growth and measurement ultrasounds at 18-20 weeks gestation because the kidney's are more developed and he can get better pictures etc. I told him his receptionist phoned me to book it last month and I told her I would only be 17 weeks on April.13th but she insisted that he bumped my due date up a week since the baby's were measuring a week ahead. The doc assured me she was incorrect and so my original due date remains.....Sept.22nd.....that being said, he also told us that most identical twins will deliver BEFORE 35 weeks which puts us at August.18th. I just hope they don't come the week of Brooklyn's birthday (which is August.14th) because 3 birthday's in one month is a bummer but 3 in one week will suck!!

So Cheers to twin BOYS!!!!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! What perfect additions to your family!!!

  2. Congrats!!!You are so blessed! Can't wait to see the little guys, although they probably won't be little for long!
    Congrats again!
    Lots of Love