Friday, 29 April 2011

19 weeks preggo with twins

Im 19 weeks preggers today....more than half way for twins! Time see's to be going by so quickly. Im feeling good compared to the first trimester (other than Im always tired, that seems to be a constant) and I cant get over how much slower I walk with an extra 20 lbs on me! (Im normally quite a speed walker). I am 19 weeks and up 20 lbs.....similar to what I was when I was pregnant with my daughter but Im expecting the crazy weight gain in the 3rd trimester along with water retention through the hot summer months. My skin is doing crazy things these days. I never did understand women that look so beautiful and youthful when they're pregnant. I look disheveled, pale and over tired constantly and I still have pretty vivid nightmares and poor sleep from the hormones and frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night (and all day) but on the whole, I dont have much to complain about. In addition, my blood pressure has been great (I have pre-existing hypertension so this is the first time in 7 years I havn't been on any kind of medication to manage it and oddly, it has been perfect thus far). I can feel the boys kick almost daily for the last 3 or 4 days now so that makes me smile! I love that!! I have my next ultra sound on May.11th and Im really looking forward to seeing how much they have grown and developed in the last month and of course get to watch them battle for position on the monitor or kick each other in the head like baby "B" did at the last ultrasound. I have attached some belly pics.

19 weeks Pregnant.....
Cravings: Many...chocolate, Purdy's, eggo waffles with Roger's syrup, raw vegetables/ranch dip.
Weight Gain: 20 lbs
Baby Kicks: Daily for the last 3-4 days
Could do without: the dry, red, scaly patches of skin on my face, the frequent urination, the vivid nightmares and poor sleep, the hormonal mood swings, the husband stressing, lol.
Blood Pressure: Is great!

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