Monday, 8 August 2011

1 Month old!

Two peas in a pod
Cruz 1 month old

I can't believe the boys are 1 month old already! They were reunited into their crib again today (YAY!) lets hope that isolette life is permanently over! Ryder is doing much better although he is still hooked up to an IV and is almost finished his round of pre-cautionary antibiotics. The girth of his tummy has gone down quite a bit and he isnt grimacing in pain when anyone touches his belly. His blood work came back normal but he did test positive for occult blood in his stool so they plan to re-test his stool to see if it resolves but they have ruled out infection at this point and they are both doing really well again.

At one month Cruz is 4 lbs 5 oz and Ryder is 4 lbs 8 oz and they have both grown 2" in length and are now 17" long. They have been moved to a closer hospital which is much nicer but it's still 30 minutes each way (much better than an hour though) and Mama is pretty exhausted. I see them almost every single day depending on whether or not I have child care for our 2 year old and on top of everything we are trying to potty train Brooklyn but its extremely difficult when Im gone all the time and she has a different care giver almost every day as friends and family have volunteered when they can to watch her which I am very greatful for. Luckily she loves people and she is very social so she enjoys a new face every day but the potty training is next to impossible without consistency. I want to potty train her before the baby's come home because once they are home, I will be glued to the couch or the rocker feeding, burping and changing them around the clock and I wont be able to help her on the potty very much. I will have to rely on daddy when he's around and family when they are here.

We bought a used minivan a few days ago (its a 2009) and Im willing to bet the salesman has never seen two people so disappointed in having to buy a vehicle, ha ha. In fact, he even commented on our lack of enthusiasm, ha ha. Everyone says I will love it eventually and Im sure I will lugging three kids around and carrying two car seats but it was hard to trade in my vehicle and take a loss on it and it will be hard to go from leather interior to cloth seats and lose some of the features my 2006 CR-V had. We HATE the fact that the windows don't go down in the back seat and that you cant put 2 car seats on the back bench (only one according to the salesman) and of course we wanted the ceiling mounted DVD player for 3 kids but the upgrade to the next model up was an additional $8,000. We pick up the new van on Wednesday.

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