Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Meeting her brother's for the first time...

Its been a while since I blogged last. I have been very busy with little Miss Thang who turned 2 on SUnday and visiting my boys at the hospital every day. Lots of changes.......

The boys finally broke the 5 lbs mark last night! Yahoo!!!! They are growing so fast, its incredible. They are so big now compared to the little 2 1/2 lbs they were after they were born and dropped weight to 2 lbs 9oz and 2 lbs 14 oz. The nurses said they had to cut off their hospital ID bracelets the other day and put on new ones because they were so skin tight.....proof that my little munchkins are growing quickly!
They are such amazing little boys. Ryder has been nursing off me for about 5 days now and Cruz latched for the first time yesterday. They are 35 weeks gestation tommorrow so we should see them master the suck, swallow, breath over the course of this next week as it tends to be harder for premie's to do all three at once until they are full term. Cruz would take a few sucks but then stop and get confused (poor guy)....Ryder has latched much faster and takes much more milk from the breast than his brother. I have been test weighing the boys before I breastfeed them and then I weigh them afterwards to see how many mL's they are getting from me which is pretty neat. One day Ryer got 28mL's off me and then yesterday he only took 5 mL's so there are some ups and downs but at least they are latching and both boys are working hard to figure it out. I am at the hospital every day and it still breaks my heart to have to say good-bye everyday....I want them to come home soooooo bad!!!!

I was thrilled to find a tiny, little strawberry birth mark on Ryder's tummy yesterday! I was over the moon when I found it because I worry we wont be able to tell them apart for some time. I mean I can still see that Cruz's skin has a much redder pigment to it right now while Ryder looks much more pale but that will change and of course Ryder has a bald spot on his head from where the nurses shaved it for his last IV bit once that all goes away, it will be very difficult to tell them apart...they really are identical and if Ryder get's upset, he turns red too and so then I really cant tell them apart unless I look for the little bald spot on his head so I was very happy to find a teeny, tiny birth mark on Ryder's tummy....although it's only the size of a poppy seed......its still enough to differentiate between them. Hopefully it doesnt disappear, lol. I remember my daughter having two little specks of a strawberry on her neck as a baby but it has since disappeared.

We still have no idea when the boys will come home. This next week is crucial because if we can get them to take ALL their feeds by breast or bottle, then they can remove the NG tubes and the boys will be closer to going home (the problem is that I can only go to the hospital once a day to put them on the breast as finding child care for Brooklyn 7 days a week is some times tricky). It all depends on how well this next week goes. They say most people go home around the time of their due date (which was Sept.22md) but Im hoping that since they have done so well this entire time, that they will be able to come home sooner than that. Only time will tell.

Brooklyn turned 2 on Sunday so I had a little party for her here with a few close friends/family. She loved the bouncy castle we put up in the back yard as did all the kiddies and it was a lot of fun for all. I planned the party pretty much the day before in one Costco trip as I have been very busy with commuting to the hospital to see the boys and taking care of Brooklyn while Chris is working. Unfortunately her Daddy had to work on Sunday so he missed the party but he was their in spirit. Thanks to everyone who came to make B's day so special:)

Brooklyn also met her twin brother's on Saturday for the very first time and she immediately leaned over their crib and tried to give the baby's a pacifier....I think she's going to be one great little helper. She was sweet and tried to give them a kiss but then Daddy had to take her to the family room on the NICU so Mama could feed the little munchkins. I cant wait until we are all home under one roof. I miss my boys so much!!

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