Friday, 1 June 2012


2012 has been a whirlwind thus far. I'm on my own with the kids most of the time because Chris works long hours (12-16 hours shifts 4 days in a row and then sleeps the fifth day because his last shift is a night shift).....I cherish the 3 days he's home but they go by way too quickly! It's been extremely difficult to manage all three of the kids on my own, especially when they all wake up at the SAME TIME! My mornings are crazy busy!! Brooklyn is still in daycare 3 days a week though so that is a huge help and she just loves it! She is thriving at daycare and they even come to my house to pick her up at 9am (because I cant leave the twins now that they are so mobile and they drop her off at 5pm. Lucky for me they are only about 4 houses away! Its been great.
Cruz got 2 front teeth about a month ago and 2 weeks later Ryder got his two front teeth. Cruz said "Mama" just over a week ago (melt my heart! lol). He says it whenever he see's me across the room, it's so cute! (who am I kidding....EVERYTHING they do is cute! ha ha). Ryder is sitting up without leaning on his hands and Cruz is almost there. Cruz started crawling backwards a few days ago and Ryder is starting to do the same. I bought a baby gate on today as my life is about to change drastically with two crawlers! I definitely need to contain them to the living room or I will be dodging baby's while trying to cook dinner and it could get dangerous!

I'm hoping I get to sleep in until 10am on Mother's day this Sunday.....I get about one sleep-in day a month (not enough!). I usually run on 5-7 hours sleep (I have sleep issues) which is unfortunate because the twins sleep for 9-10 hours (but don't nap much during the day, boo!). I find even when I get an 8 hour sleep (once in a blue moon) that I feel equally as tired the next day because its my daily work load that's just so exhausting. My feet just ache first thing in the morning when I wake up (I feel like an old lady, lol) but it goes away once I'm up and at em'.... it's a reminder that I'm literally being run off my feet day-to-day. I should write down everything I do one day so hubs knows what a gong show it is here when Im on my own with all three of them but I don't have time to do that! lol.

I gave the twins their 5th haircut yesterday! These boys grow hair like a chia pet! lol. The boys are starting to fight over toys and have started smacking each other! lol. I have to separate them often but once they start crawling (any day now) they should be able to get away from the other! I mean Cruz is crawling backwards but oh-so-slowly! ha ha. They are also on solids now. I try to make their baby food   because it's healthier (and cheaper) but it's just one more thing I have to do. Sometimes I run out of home made stuff and give them the flavored rice cereals instead. I made jars and jars of minced chicken with apple sauce and peas and they gagged on it (I tried it too though and it tasted awful until I added some apple sauce but even then they would not eat it) so I had to throw out ALL of it! It was such a waste of 7 chicken breasts!! boo!

We have out Au Pair arriving August 4th!!! I'm excited but at the same time Im sad because it means I have to go back to work! Where has the last 10 months gone!? I hope I remember this last year! ha ha. I go back to work September 4th and although it may be respite in some ways, I don't feel ready to leave the baby's! *sniff sniff*

Brooklyn starts pre-school in September as well (she better be potty trained by then)! Potty training is VERY frustrating and I havn't really had the time I need to devote to it). Sometimes she goes to the potty and other times she doesn't! It's totally inconsistent and she recently started telling me she wants to be a baby! I say things like, "your a big girl now and big girls poop in the potty" and she fired back with "I dont want to be a big baby!". I can see she wants more attention like the boys get.

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