Friday, 1 June 2012

Unexpected knock at the door....

So this week has been a challenging one! Chris was gone for 14-15 hours a day this week so I have been on my own. Brooklyn was in daycare on Monday and Tuesday until 5pm and came home two days in a row in a foul mood. I noticed she was coming home really dehydrated and was begging for more and more water! I think the combination of dehydration and waking up too early with the early sunrise was catching up with her (she woke up at 5:45am both days and she normally sleeps until 7-7:30am). She was acting like the devil and after just having spent the better part of my weekend in the hospital with a sick baby Ryder, I had two screaming sick baby's and a shreaking 2.5 year old who was having an academy award winning tantrum over putting on her pajamas! Tuesday was a nightmare! It also happened to be 26 degree's so I had ALL the windows and doors open in the house as I was melting away chasing after these kids!
After Brooklyn refused to put on her Pajama's and threw a massive tantrum, I picked her up and put her in timeout. At this point I had enough (she had been naughty for 1.5 hours at this point) and I told her she needed to sit in timeout for not listening at which point she clenched her fists and started screaming at the top of her lungs (which is piercing loud people!).....I warned her once to stop screaming at which time she did it again so I threw her over my shoulder and carried her up to her room kicking and screaming and told her she had to finish her timeout in her room and that I would come talk to her once she had calmed down.....all the while the baby's are downstairs screaming because they want me to pick them up! I had to let them cry it out...I just didnt have enough hands...they were fed, napped and changed and were only crying because they wanted me to pick them up.....correction, Cruz was crying because he wanted to be held and Ryder just follows suit sometimes, lol. I thought for a moment I might lose my mind!!!

I came downstairs and Brooklyn was kicking the snot out of her door upstairs so I ran back upstairs and yelled for her to stop (twice)! When I went back into her room, she was hysterical and starting to cough and gag so I realized she was just DONE (it was only 6:45pm) and needed to go to bed STAT!!! I put on her PJ's, managed to calm her down, read her a short story, kissed her good night, shut her door and went back downstairs where the baby's had been crying for the better part of an hour and a half! Brooklyn fell asleep in seconds!!!
I picked up a screaming babe and two seconds later, the three legged beast starts barking like mad and I realize there is someone standing on my front porch! So with a crying baby on my hip, I open the front door all the while trying to restrain the dog from biting this complete stranger and I say, "can I help you?" and she says, "Do you need a hand!?"....I was totally caught off guard, a little embarassed and of course burst into tears! She says "My name is Irene, I live just over there (pointing)".....I said, "sure, come on in!" ha ha. Drying my tears, I tell her she can pick up the other baby "over there" and within seconds, the twins both stop crying of course because they are both being held which is all they wanted. I realized that this woman had been listening to the chaos, the tantrum, the shreaking, the crying baby's and the Mommy laying down the law and came to offer a hand. It was really very sweet of her....I kind of wish she came 20 minutes earlier to be honest! lol. I was very close to calling on one of my neighbors to help hold the baby's while I dealt with Brooklyn but didnt have time to leave. It was definitely the worst day I have had since having all three kids at home and thankfully most days aren't this insane. Brooklyn is good most of the time and this was an all time low in regards to bad behavior for sure! Oddly enough, I was on my own again the next night and things were much easier (I still think the dehydration is what made her "crazy").

So I have met another set of neighbors and plan to close all the doors and windows the next time things get out of control like that because I know everyone can hear EVERYTHING with how close the houses are built in our neighborhood. I was out for a walk with Brooklyn one day and I could hear the twins screaming a block away while Chris was at home with them. It sucks!!! lol. I kept thinking "why doesn't he pick them up!?" (Daddy isn't bothered by screaming baby's the way Mummy, Oma & Nana are). When I ran home to see what was going on, Chris was warming up bottles and the baby's were screaming on the floor because they were hungry! I just wish the noise and cry's didnt travel so far.

You know it must sound REALLY bad when a complete stranger knocks on the door to "help", lol.

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