Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Brooklyn and her boo-boo's

So Brooklyn has been so cute lately. She has become very attached to her "Purple Doll" which is what she named her "Share Bear" CareBear (I encouraged her to name her "Daisy" or something cute like that but she insists the name is "Purple Doll"! She takes this doll everywhere we go and any time she hurts herself and starets to cry (which isnt very often as she is one tough cookie) she yells, "where is purple doll!". What's even cuter is when I recently got sick and Brooklyn came over to me on the couch and said, "here Mummy, you can have Purple Doll"....melt my heart. Another time Brooklyn saw me crying (when I learned of a dear friend passing) and she came up to me and said, "here's Purple Doll Mummy!" She knows purple doll makes her feel better when she's sad or hurt so she now gives purple doll to me or the baby's when they are crying or upset. She's such a nurturing little girl and I cant even begin to express what a wonderful big sister she is. She doesn't like it when the baby's cry so she runs back and forth to bring them toys if they are crying, she sits in front of the front door so they dont fall over the edge (it's only a 3-4" drop) that they have mastered but she still just worries about them. If they have fallen or bumped their head, Brooklyn makes sure to tell me or she hugs them to make them feel better. She dances for them to make them laugh (they think it's so funny as do I).

Brooklyn cut her finger the other day and it was bleeding a little bit....she yelled "Mummy bleeding! Bleeding Mummy!" so I walked over to have a look and I said, "its just a little bit of blood honey, lick it"....she looked up at me with a confused expression on her face and said, "No, YOU lick it!" ha I did! She thought it was kind of funny but now whenever she cuts herself she runs over to me, holds up her finger or hand and says, "bleeding Mummy, lick it! It makes me laugh....I feel like a bit of a vampire but whatever....every Mama bear licks their cubs wounds, lol.

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