Friday, 3 June 2011

Trip to Saskatchewan to see the fam!

We recently flew to Saskatchewan to see my family and had a really good time. I love the tranquility and peace the country lifestyle offers (much more than city life to be honest) and it's always such a treat when we get to visit them out there once a year. I love hanging out on a farm and playing in the mud so-to-speak, although being 6 months pregnant with twins limited my activities (no joy-rides on the quad for Mama unfortunately!). My brother and sister-in-law just finished two long, grueling months of lambing season and as a result have close to 400 baby lambs running around. They had lots of twins and triplets born and as a result of having such a huge flock, I dont think the two of them have slept much the last few months unfortunately. I learned that farm chores are a full-time, around the clock job (and they both have other jobs, a 2 year old & my 15 year old nephew lives with them as well).....a busy bunch to say the least.
The kids played great together (they are both around age two) and ran around outside and in the bouncy castle together. They were too cute! Brooklyn tried to copy everything her cousin did which was adorable. We were also fortunate enough to have our cousin (my brother and I) and his family come over for the afternoon/evening with their little boy (also about to turn 2 and their new baby) and the three of them horsed around in the bouncy castle and it was a lot of fun.

Thank-You Janice, Brent, Soren and Jake for having us for 5 days, I know you are both exhausted from your countless-all hours of the day and night lambing that finished just the week/days before we arrived........(it is a ton of physical labor people and my sister-in-law is the toughest cookie I have ever met both physically and mentally! ha ha). You are both so deserving of a nice warm holiday....or at least 8-12 hours of sleep... at least! lol.

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