Saturday, 11 June 2011

25 weeks pregnant with twins

We had another ultrasound a few days ago (at 25 weeks) and things were looking good. The boys seem all too happy in there and they were nice and close in size. There was only a 10-12% difference in size between the boys which is great news as they only start to get concerned about twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome (TTTS) when there is more than a 20% margin between them. He said they were about 1 lb, 10 ounces each roughly and said I looked remarkably small for 25 weeks pregnant with twins but attributes that to my being so tall. Then again, I was lying down when the obstetrician said that and I certainly dont feel small with an extra 30+ lbs on my frame! I have grown a lot in the last 2 weeks!

I had another huge weight last week and put on another 5 lbs-6 lbs in just one week and this last 5 lbs-6lbs seems to have effected my bladder in a big way because I am now going to the bathroom every 20 minutes unless I can sit down for a while, then I am able to go longer. As soon as I get up from a chair or something and my big belly falls onto my bladder, I have to find a restroom STAT!!! I have now gained almost the same amount of weight as I did with my first pregnancy at full term and I still have 3 months to go yet!! I knew the second trimester would be a "honeymoon", if you can even call it that (it was still a challenging one) but I have a feeling these next 10-12 weeks are going to be the most challenging yet.

My doctor's have noticed my blood pressure slowly increasing (I have pre-existing high blood pressure) and have decided to write me off on medical leave shortly. My last day of work will be July.8th and the baby's are due September. 22nd....that being said, they are planning a scheduled c-section between weeks 36-38 for a few reasons.... my history (high blood pressure, c-section with my first child and carrying identical twins which has many risks of it's own like sudden TTTS)....that is if I even make it that far long as pre-term labor is common when carrying multiples and the average twin pregnancy is about 35 weeks.

At 25 weeks pregnant...
Total weight gain: 32 lbs
Baby Boys: weighing about 700 grams & 800 grams (about 1 lbs 10 oz.)
Cravings: still Eggo waffles with Roger's syrup, vanilla yogurt and any sort of baked goods
Complaints: exhaustion, pelvic pain, insomnia, headaches, frequent urination, foot/leg cramps, emotional just to name a few, lol.

Hubby has started painting the boys nursery and it's coming along nicely. We have chosen a hockey theme of course (hubby eats, sleeps and breathe's h-o-c-k-e-y). Chris put up white wainscotting along the walls to look like hockey boards, then he installed a wide 5" baseboard that will soon be painted bright yellow (like an NHL rink) and then trim along the top in dark blue (I think they are red in a real arena but I hate the color red)... the top half of the walls are blue and we will put up some hockey decals. I ordered the cribs and still have to go pick them up in the States (much cheaper to order from the US) but we wont set them up until we are finished painting and have the new carpet installed. Time seems to be flying by and we still have so much to do. Our vehicle situation is stressing me out. We obviously need a mini-van to accommodate 3 car seats but hubby and I cant decide which vehicle to sell between our 2003 Ford sport track and our 2006 Honda CR-V. He isnt ready to part with his precious truck and we can get way more money for our Honda CR-V but if the truck breaks down and needs a new transmission or something, it will be costly. Decisions, decisions!?!? Not to mention which type of minivan to get...we are leaning towards a 2009-2010 Dodge grand caravan at this point.

My husband's cousin is planning a twins baby shower for me in a month's time with some help from my Mom and hand made some beautiful invitations with the help of her Mom. She is super excited about being an Aunty to twins and has so many neat and creative ideas for the baby shower. It will be on Sunday, July. 10th (a bit on the early side but its recommended to have an earlier shower if your carrying twins due to the high incidence of pre-term delivery etc) and we picked a day my mother-in-law would be in town so that she could come too (she lives 5 hours away). Im looking forward to seeing family and friends that I seem to only get to see at wedding's or showers.
Life feels so busy these days with both of us working, caring for an active 22 month old while pregnant and preparing for the arrival of twins but God knows our lives are about to get even crazier in just a few months
After the baby shower in July, Brooklyn will turn 2 the following month and then the boys could come at any time. My goal is to make it to 36 weeks so that my two munchkin's can come home right away and by-pass any NICU, medical interventions or hospitalization for under developed lungs (sometimes common in twins). I feel good about it though and believe I will get to 36 weeks as long as my blood pressure cooperates without a problem.

That's the latest. Until next time...:)


  1. You look amazing!!!! (Not just in the the photo...I saw you in PERSON last week!) Can't wait to see the baby's room when it's all done! Hope you will post pics!!! LOVE the hockey theme!!!!

  2. HARD TO BELIEVE THERE'S twins in there, you carry it well more than 1/2 way there! looking good still!