Thursday, 26 May 2011

Easter 2011

Easter post...better late than never:)

Easter was so much fun this year. One of my neighbors invited us to her church on Sunday so I invited Chris's cousin to come with me since Chris had to work and I know she enjoys church very much. Brooklyn was in heaven from start to finish. We dropped her off in the toddler room and she wasted no time at all making friends and playing with all the toys in there! I dont think she even noticed me leave (love how social and independant that kids is) lol. We got a fancy pager for her and then attended the Easter service. It was a lovely service and it felt good to go to church again and feel the positive/warm energy there and give thanks for everything in our lives.

The Easter egg hunt was fantastic.....they separated kids into different age groups and to my surprise, Brooklyn picked up the concept right away (she's 20 months old). She LOVED the intial music and singing and once the big fluffy, white Easter Bunny arrived, she was mesmerized!! (pics posted above). She handed the Easter Bunny her piece of paper and kept smiling from ear to ear. When it was time for a photo with the Easter Bunny, Brooklyn leaned over and poked the Easter Bunny in the eye! Too funny, thankfully he had on a great protective Bunny head and it wasnt his "real" eye! ha ha. Brooklyn managed to pick up quite a few little Easter eggs and put them in her basket (thanks for the basket Nicole:) and then tried to eat them as she was picking them up and got all sticky (that's what Easter is all about). Before we left, Mama wanted a photo of the Easter Bunny holding Brooklyn but she was freaked right out when I tried to hand her off to him (apparently Santa is cool but the Easter Bunny not so much) so I had to be in the picture because she wasnt about to let this white fluffy bunny pick her up. She loved him from a distance! lol.

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  1. Great post!! I am so glad you got to go to a nice service! We still need to go to church together sometime. Which one did you attend for this? I have to say that Easter services are by far my most favourite ones to go to each year!! YAY for a great Easter, Candice :)