Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Framed Hospital Hats

The twins are rolling all over the living room floor. We are about a month or two away from installing baby gates to contain the baby's to the living room. Ryder rolled over about a month ago and Cruz started 2 weeks after him. Now they constantly roll towards each other and bonk heads... A LOT. Im contemplating buying them helmets, ha ha. Its funny how they always roll towards each other versus away from each other. They are finally starting to entertain one another which is pretty cute and they LOVE their big sister. Brooklyn has been amazing with them and she thinks its so funny when she can make them laugh. I cant wait until they can all play together in another 6-12 months. Brooklyn has been awesome and I am really enjoying her age....that being said, I dont know how Im going to get through the age: 18months-2.5 years old with the twins! Man, that was a difficult year in regards to discipline, timeouts and setting boundaries but Brooklyn is finally at an age where she's starting to understand more, can communicate bettter with words and last night was the first time she told me she "wuved" me unprovoked! ha ha. She was eating dinner in her high chair and she said "Mummy?", "Yes dear".... *she giggles a little bit*..."I wuv you!". Melt my heart!! lol. She even put my face in her hands, laughing all the while. It was a wonderful moment! (personally, I think scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese is the key to her heart and that may be why she said it but whatever the reason, she's starting to understand what it means so say I LOVE YOU! She's such a joy!

The boys are about 16 lbs now and 28" long! They are currently starting to wean though *sniff sniff* which I will miss immensely! I plan to start them on solids next month when they turn 6 months "corrected age" (they are 8 months actual age but only 5 months corrected). They sleep well at night but hardly nap during the day unfortunately. I put them in the Jolly Jumper a few days ago and they picked it up instantly.....bouncing away! All my kids have loved the JJ! It's so cute to see them givin' er in that thing!

Cruz has had some mild eczema the last 3-4 months but hasn't needed any sort of intervention (just lotion twice a day) and then over night Ryder broke out with a really bad rash (also eczema) and within a week had open sores on his cheeks that were weeping! Poor guy was trying to itch it like crazy so we put socks on their hands at night so they couldn't scratch at it. I took them to the doctor when Ryder woke up with raw, weeping cheeks and he's now on antibiotics and cortisone cream which is helping a lot. Cruz's rash cleared up on it's own believe it or not. It's amazing how they can just wake up with a rash or wake up with clear's so random.
The boys are still breast feeding but the last few days have started to refuse the breast so they seem to be weaning on their own!! *sniff sniff*. I will miss the bonding for sure!!!

I managed to finish a PINTEREST DIY project a few days ago. I framed all the kids hospital hats in shadow boxes from Michael's and they look adorable! One of the twins baby hats it so small, it fits on an orange! Their little heads were so teeny tiny!! (see pics below).

We have decided to get an Au Pair come August instead of a nanny for child care when I go back to work in September. A friend of mine has had several Au Pairs over the last few years (she has twins plus two other children) and says they are great helpers so we are looking for an Au Pair to join our family this summer.

Just for the record....I have way more photo's of the twins than I do of Brooklyn, simply because she hates to get her picture taken..... evidenced by the photo of all three of them below and Brooklyn hiding her face! It certainly didnt look good when I was at her new pre-school, pulled out my iphone to show them a picture of her and had to scroll through about 60 photo's of the twins....then I finally found one picture of her BUT it was the picture of her BLACK EYE!!! It looked really bad!! ha ha. Here are my amazing twins......oh ya and here is the kid we dont really like- hence the black eye! lol. It couldn't be further from the truth.....we really do love them equally, I promise! ha ha.

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