Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas 2011

It's been busy times at our house. Im sad to say Oma has to go back to work as she has finished her leave of absence from her job. I am forever grateful for her time here.....those 3 days a week were my favorite as I got to spend time with my Mom, Brooklyn bonded with her Oma and the boys got more cuddles than they would have ever gotten just on my own....not to mention, I got more sleep and made more milk with her here:)

The good news is that the boys are sleeping through the night (consistently)....the bad news is that they are already teething!!! (that's early as they are still only 3 1/2 months corrected age). Brooklyn was 6 months old when she cut her first tooth and although the teeth havn't cut through the gums yet, I can see the white edges of each tooth just below the surface. Brooklyn was never really fazed by teething so I never did much other than give her the odd tylenol but the boys seem really off their game. Im not sure if it's just because there's two of them fussing or what but I went ahead and ordered two Amber necklaces online after 3 days of fussy baby's (poor guys are in a lot of pain). Amber has anti-inflammatory properties in it and I have met several Mom's who swear by these. Its simply a baby necklace that they wear during the day, made of authentic amber stones that emit healing properties.

I recently found my first grey hair, ha ha.....kind of symbolic of twins and exhaustion but I count my blessings all the time and I still feel like I won the lottery! ha ha.

Brooklyn enjoyed Christmas very much. She had a little Christmas party at her new daycare (which we love) on the 23rd and it was all fun and games until Santa took off his beard and hat in front of the kids! My thoughts... "WTH!?*!?", lol. You have a room full of 2 -7 year old's (the 12 year old's new it was their Dad dressed as Santa for the daycare kids but the other kids didn't!) and you take of your Santa suit in front of them! I couldn't believe he did that! Let's just say it left me scratching my head and I think it may have confused some of the little one's. Thankfully, I don't think Brooklyn noticed too much because Santa graciously bought her some "my little ponies" and hair accessories that she was into. She was also very spoiled by the "real" Santa, not to mention by all her grandparents. Our house officially looks like Toys 'R' Us puked all over it! I cant believe how many toys and how much baby equipment we have in our living room! In another month's time we are going to have different stations so we can rotate the baby's.....for example, the exersaucer, the jumperoo, the vibrating chairs, the bumbo chairs, the swings, the playpen and the activity mats! We are out of room and spilling over into the basement at this point. It's going to be jam packed with equipment until the baby's are walking at which point we can get rid of a lot of the baby gear like the swings etc.....and then we will just have toys, toys and more toys! I suddenly feel like we have outgrown this house and dream about a bigger house with a huge basement and a huge back yard but that's a long ways away yet!
Christmas was so much more fun with Brooklyn this year...she couldn't believe Santa ate all the cookies and milk by the fireplace (so cute!) and I was blessed to have my mother-in-law cook two great meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.....I just didnt have the energy to do it as we pretty much are run off our feet from dawn until dusk around here. Brooklyn sure loved seeing her Nana, Papa, Oma, Opa and Grandpa and she was very entertaining.

We recently started sleeping the boys in their cribs upstairs and it has been a hard transition with the teething etc. The bedroom routine is taking about 2-3 hours (including feeds) at this point which is way too long in my opinion. Teething sucks!!!! ha ha.

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  1. Such great photos! Looks likke it was a great Christmas for the Colgan family :)

    I had to comment on the grey hair part. I have had the odd one since I was younger, but since I got pregnant I have about 10!! LOL They keep sprouting up everywhere. I was totally not expecting that at all!! Anywhere I part my hair you see at least one and of course they are not in hidden places. So I feel your pain!! :)