Monday, 21 November 2011

Twins Update

Well, the boys had their 4 month vaccinations today and we weighted them while we were at the health unit too. Ryder is the chunky monkey at 13 lbs and Cruz is a whole pound less (12 lbs). Ryder eats more so he has taken a lead in weight gain. They were the same length just two weeks ago despite their weight difference but today Ryder measured 1/2" longer than Cruz. Im sure Cruz will catch up eventually. They are in the 95% isle for height and 75% isle for weight right now for their "corrected age". No surprise there! ha ha.

They also FINALLY slept through the night! Two days in a row they have slept 8-9 hours consecutively. They are no longer sleeping in the same crib because they were getting too heavy for the play pen downstairs but now that they are sleeping through the night, we may move them upstairs at night to their "real" cribs and I may put the playpens away. I was thinking of putting our beer fridge in their nursery as well for their middle of the night feed (they sleep 8pm-4am or 9pm-5am right now) BUT I dont want to count my chickens before they hatch because as soon as I think we have a "routine", the baby's change it! That's the way it goes!

Its been so great having my Mom here 3 days a week. She has been so helpful and is also my sanity at times! Brooklyn has started asking for "Oma" almost every morning after she wakes up and some days I have to tell her Oma's not here but I love it when I get to tell her Oma is downstairs. She recently started saying, "My Oma" and "My Baby's" in reference to her brother's, which is so adorable. That kid get's cuter by the day! She's talking more and more all the time now!

Ryder has been on his new medication for 2 weeks now and his birth mark has decreased by about 50%! It's amazing to me that he has had such great results with it in such a short period of time. I am very pleased and am grateful he hasn't had any side effects thus far.

I'm getting very excited for Christmas this year and am trying to convince my husband to put up the Christmas tree but he's on the "December 1st" train, ha ha. We may have it up before then and I will certainly post pics of the beautiful 9 foot tree that my Mom bought for my Christmas present last year (I LOVE THAT TREE!). Hopefully Brooklyn wont wreck the ornaments this year! ha ha. Next year I will have two little monkey's yanking ornaments off the tree. They will be a handful for sure once they are walking! I cant wait to have the kids picture taken with Santa this year, although I think we will overwhelm Santa with two little babes and a roudy 28 month old! Santa's arms and lap will be full and one of the twins is bound to cry, if not both of them! ha ha.

As for the day-to-day stuff......our house hold is crazy busy as you could imagine. It always blows me away how messy my kitchen and living room get on an hourly basis. The laundry and dishes (tons of bottles etc) is ridiculous around here! Its impossible to keep up. I may get our clothes washed and dried but folded and put away is a totally different story. I find myself picking out things I need out of a messy pile of clothes dumped on TOP of the dryer because I don't have time to fold laundry and put things away. Anything on TOP of the washer and dryer is clean and anything on the floor is dirty! Makes sense to me.....I just wish I had more hands and more time because I hate picking things out of a disorganized pile but that's the way it's got to be for a while. A bigger house would help solve some of our problems......suddenly this house and it's layout seems too small for my rapidly growing family but moving is not an option right now and we do really enjoy this house....its just that the walls seem to be closing in a little faster than we expected so-to-speak.

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