Thursday, 1 September 2011


We were finally able to bring our two lucky charms home on August 30th! Its been a long 53 days of driving back and forth to two different hospitals over the last 7 weeks every single day! The hospital only gave us 24 hours notice to come get the boys and I was pretty annoyed after originally being told the baby's most likely wouldnt go home until around my due date which was September 22nd....then I was told they would probably go home in a week and then all of a sudden, the hospital phones me and says "there is a discharge order written for today, can you come get them tonight!". Talk about getting the boot! I was angry with the hospital because the discharge planning was weak and sudden (I can say that because Im an RN and I know what typically goes into discharge planning) and I didnt feel they prepared us or asked any of the right questions before the baby's came home. My boys were taking up two beds and they were doing well and so we were asked to leave very suddenly. Dont get me wrong, Im thrilled they are FINALLY home but I just felt it was rushed and some things got missed along the way.

Moving on.......our boys have been home for three days and I have had two sleepless nights already. They "recommend" we do not swaddle the boys but after they have been up all night two nights in a row, Im going to swaddle them tonight to see if they will settle like they do during the day when they are swaddled. Everyone knows baby's sleep better when they are swaddled. The nurses swaddled them in the hospital every night but since our discharge was so sudden, they didnt have time to get the boys on the "back to sleep" program a week before discharge where they stop swaddling them so they get used to sleeping freely. I am all about the sawddle so hopefully tonight will go better.

Brooklyn has been great but it's only been 3 days thus far, ha ha. She seems to have some interest in her brother's but not a ton. She turns on their swings and brings them bottles and pacifiers and even put her care bear on top of baby Cruz today. She was trying to share, ha ha. The boys were eating every 3 hours in the hospital like clock work but they were getting bottles of my breast milk there and had somewhat of a schedule but now that we are all at home and I am strictly breast feeding, it's hard to determine how much they are getting from me and so they are eating a little more frequently than every 3 hours.

Its been challenging but I had my Mom here for the first 2 days which was a HUGE help but I didnt want her to leave so soon (she has to work a few days a week while she is on her part-time LOA). She is going to be here 3 days a week with me so I am incredibly greatful for that and looking forward to spending time with her and the boys. She is just as smitten with my boys as I am:)


  1. Aww I'm so glad they're home now!!!!! And yes that was lame of the hospital! Especially when you're taking home TWO babies. Some notice would have been helpful!!!!!! Glad you're getting help from your mom!! Enjoy your babies!!!!!!!!!! I hope I get a chance to meet them while they're still small!!!

  2. How exciting!!! I'm so happy you have your boys at home now!!! I'm excited to hear all your toddler and twins chaos stories I can see what I'll be up against with my toddler when my two come home in a few months. I'm so happy everything has worked out so well and your boys have become so big and strong so quickly.